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ELSAG North America is part of Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company.

The most advanced AUTOMATIC LICENSE PLATE READERS (ALPR) available. Aiding Law Enforcement with public safety solutions and vehicle-related crimes by reading 1,800 license plates a minute, more accurately than any other ALPR/ANPR system available.Mission

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The MPH-900® ALPR: The Ultimate force Multiplier

ELSAG NA Spotlight
Our Plate Hunter ALPR Gives Baltimore Family Hope
A missing woman's car was spotted twice by ELSAG's Plate Hunter F2 ALPR fixed system, giving her family hope that she'll be found. Get The Details

The MPH-900 Is Long Island's #1 Law Enforcement Tool
See how the MPH-900 aids a variety of missions and investigations. Read the full story

ALPR in WV Helps Solve NC Homicide
ELSAG's fixed plate reader sheds light on multi-state investigationby identifying a stolen SUV, leading to 2 dead bodies in another stolen truck. Video

Plate Hunter ALPR Applications
Inside ELSAG's ALPR Systems
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The Plate Hunter F2 ALPR Gives Baltimore Family Hope

One of ELSAG's fixed ALPR systems in Baltimore captures the license plate of a missing woman's vehicle, offering hope to her loved ones that she will be found.

Enforce Speed Limits with the ELSAG Plate Hunter™

Selex ES has developed proprietary software that accurately calculates a vehicle’s average speed traveling between an entry and exit LPR camera. . .a solution perfect for work zone speed enforcement.

Long Island Village ALPR "Ring of Steel" Proves Highly Successful

Long Island Village police are successfully using Selex ES ALPR to identify law breakers involved in minor infractions to major crimes.

MPH-900 ALPR is #1 Tool for Long Island Law Enforcement

Since 2006 Long Island Law Enforcement has increasingly deployed MPH-900 license plate readers to aid a variety of missions and investigations.

MPH-900 Used in VA Shooter Apprehension

Selex ES, Inc. and ELSAG North America are proud of the work by Virginia State Police Troopers in the speedy apprehension of the shooter who killed two and injured a third. Please view the links below to understand how Selex ES' license plate recognition technology played a pivotal role in the case to assist law enforcement, making them more effective and efficient.

Fixed Plate Hunter ALPR in WV Aids NC Homicide Investigation

ELSAG’s Fixed Plate Reader sheds light on multi-state investigation by identifying a stolen SUV, leading to two dead bodies in a 2nd stolen truck.

MPH-900 ALPR Helps Stowe Police Find Missing Elderly Man

In Stowe Vermont, the police department's deployment of our Mobile Plate Hunter-900 Automatic License Plate recognition technology helped find a missing elderly in about 24 hours after he was reported missing.

ELSAG's MPH-900 ALPR Helps Locate Offender Of Violent Stabbing

Lancaster, PA Law Enforcement looked to data collected by their MPH-900 ALPR system to lead them to a Columbia man who was arrested for the home invasion stabbing of a 29-year old woman.

MPH-900 ALPR Aids Huge Drug Bust In Harris County, Georgia

What began as a stolen vehicle alarm turned into busting a crystal meth trafficker and her sources with ties to a Mexican drug cartel.

Oswego, County, NY Removes Illegal Drivers From Roads

The MPH-900 ALPR leads to several being charged with Registration Suspended in past few weeks.

An ELSAG automatic license plate reader helps arrest Kansas City shooter

The MPH-900 ALPR helps identify the green Neon driven by suspected Kansas City, MO shooter, leading to his arrest.

ALPR Acts As More Eyes For Dayton Officers

Dayton, OH Officers racking up the success stories with ELSAG's MPH-900 ALPR technology.

ELSAG’s automatic license plate reader helps free woman kidnapped at knifep

With the help of ELSAG's ALPR technology, it takes only a day for Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department to find a kidnapper.

MPH-900 ALPR Aids Arrest For Drug-Related Charges

ELSAG's MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Recognition technology led to arrest for possession of a controlled substance and aggravated unlicensed operation.

MPH-900 Aids In Arrest of DWI Offender

New York's Erie County Sheriff's Office stops a vehicle for a suspended license plate and arrests driver for felony DWI.

North Royalton Police Now Using ELSAG Plate Reader Technology

North Royalton Police Department in Ohio purchases ELSAG's MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Recognition system with grant funds.

ELSAG's New ALPR Innovations at IACP 2013

At IACP 2013 in Philadelphia, Law Officer Editor-in-Chief Dale Stockton interview's the company about their new ALPR solutions.

ELSAG EOC 5 Data Management Software

ELSAG's Enhanced ALPR Data Management Software presented to readers of ITS International.

ELSAG launches robust ALPR Data Management Software at IACP

ELSAG's The EOC5 ALPR data management software manages a network of mobile and fixed MPH-900® and FPH-900® ALPR systems with enhanced features for data security and access.

ELSAG ALPR Technology Finds Missing Child In Minutes

Police in Buffalo, NY immediately entered a suspect vehicle's license plate into their License Plate Recognition system and recovered an Amber Alert child in only 30 minutes.

Wallkill, NY Deployes MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Readers

Police are confident their new ALPR technology will help them fight crime. Plate recognition systems will help identify stolen vehicles as well as criminals just passing through.

Suffolk Co., NY Lowering Homicides

ELSAG's License Plater Recognition technology is credited with assisting in the realization of a 10-year low in homicides. License Plate Readers can help watch over areas 24/7.

ELSAG ALPR A Success In Florence, SC

ELSAG's License Plate Recognition technology identifies unregistered vehicles and motorists with suspended or revoked licenses in Florence.

ELSAG Secures Contract With General Services Administration

The MPH-900 License Plate Recognition technology (ALPR) is now more easily accessible to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies through GSA website.

ELSAG ALPR Helps Nab Vandals

Three Putnam County deputies and one MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system find suspect vehicle near vandalism crime scene which leads to the arrests of two males with more probable.

ELSAG ALPR Helps Waterford, CT Police With

Read how Waterford, CT police use only one ELSAG License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system to solve drug cases, credit card fraud and more.

ELSAG's ALPR Finds Two Stolen Cars in Woodbridge, VA

Aided by the MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) technology, Prince William County law enforcement recovers two stolen cars and make an arrest in the case.

ELSAG License Plate Reader Helps Find One Of NY's Most Wanted Bank Robbers

The MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) helps NYPD hunt down the "Holiday Bandit" responsible for a bank robbing spree over during this past holiday season.

Future Police Cars include ELSAG's License Plate Readers (LPR)

Decked out, futuristic police car at the Metro Area Traffic Safety Council in Oklahoma City, displays ELSAG's automatic license plate recognition technology (ALPR) which accurately read the state's license plates despite their challenging colors and lettering.

ELSAG ALPR Technology Helps Find SUV Carrying Drug Money

A routine traffic stop of a 4-Runner for expired registration and insurance led to the confiscation of $100,000 of drug money. ELSAG's Automatic License Plate Recognition technology credited with aiding the resolution.

ELSAG’S Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) Helps Find Missing NY Woman

ELSAG’s Automatic License Plate Recognition technology (ALPR), the Mobile Plate Hunter-900® (MPH-900®) has been credited with helping New York law enforcement find a missing Putnam Valley woman.

Jones County, GA Finds Success With MPH-900 ALPR

Jones County law enforcement deploys ELSAG's MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Recognition technology for a variety of missions.

Missing Putnam County Woman Found With Help Of Plate Recognition Technology

Several local and state law enforcement agencies, aided by the MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology, worked together to find the missing woman in Ulster County. She was taken to a hospital in Poughkeepsie for observation.

Jones County, GA Deploys License Plate Reader

Sheriff's Department purchased the MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) technology with confiscated drug money.

ELASG License Plate Reader technology Leads to Stolen Excavator in Florida

ELSAG's MPH-900 Automatic License Plate Reader technology recovers an excavator several states away from where it was stolen.

WASHINGTON POST REPORT: Eyes turn to license plate readers

The plate readers are different from red-light or speed cameras, which issue traffic tickets and are tools for deterrence and enforcement. The readers are an investigative tool, capturing a picture of every license plate that passes by and instantly analyzing them against a database filled with cars wanted by police.

Arizona Police deploy five MPH-900 ALPR technology

AZ Dept. of Public Safety reads plates with Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology so they can concentrate on other tasks

Maumee, OH Police Find Success With MPH-900 ALPR

Read accounts of how Maumee, OH officers are using the MPH-900 Automatic License Plater Recognition (ALPR) technology for public safety missions.

ELSAG Announces Madden As Southeast Distributor

“Madden has decades of experience working with law enforcement and has excellent relationships with many of our current and prospective ALPR clients,” said Mark Windover, President and CEO of ELSAG.

ELSAG License Plate Reader technology helps nab alleged drug dealer

ELSAG's Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology hunts down suspect vehicles.

Silver Alert Over: MPH-900 finds another missing person

An 83-year-old missing man is home safe thanks to ELSAG's Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology.

License plate readers help Mass. police, worry privacy groups

Mass. police deploy ALPR despite privacy advocates concerns.

Riverdale's CRUSH unit works to keep city safe with MPH-900 ALPR

Riverdale officer Stephen McLean talks about the efficiencies realized by ALPR systems the department has deployed. Read full article.

Morpho and SELEX Elsag sign partnership framework agreement for cooperation

The companies will explore the possibility of a joint venture for developing operations for Road Enforcement and Safety products. Read full article.

FOX 5 In Mt, Vernon, NY

Fox 5 goes on patrol with Mt. Vernon, NY Police to see how an automatic license plate recognition system works.

ELSAG LPR cameras help catch accused killer

Highway LPR cameras helped catch a suspected killer in Georgetown Tuesday. Georgetown police say the suspect was driving into town, heading north on Highway 17 when ELSAG's LPR cameras captured a picture of his license plate. The picture of that license plate led directly to the arrest.

In wake of burglaries, Greenburgh considers fixed license plate readers

A string of burglaries in the Greenville neighborhood has led officials to consider installing ELSAG's FPH-900 fixed license plate readers on a major thoroughfare.

License Plate Reading Cameras Gain Legal Backing

Al Baker from the New York Times reports on the legal backing of ELSAG's MPH-900 Digital License Plate Recognition System.


The cameras [ELSAG MPH-900 and FPH-900] have provided clues in homicide cases and other serious crimes. But they have been used in lesser offenses, too. With them, stolen cars have been identified, located and returned. The cameras have uncovered unregistered vehicles and those with stolen license plates. They can pinpoint fugitives from out of state who are linked to specific automobiles.


ELSAG North America is proud to announce that the latest version of ELSAG's Tactical Operations Center, TOC PLUS, is ready for release.

Technology gives police a leg up on spotting, handling scofflaws

An [ELSAG] License Plate Recognition system installed in one of the department's cruisers can read up to 1,800 license plates a minute, and in an instant return information about the registered owner. A reading on a registered owner with a suspended license, expired vehicle registration or an active arrest warrant instantly triggers an alarm on the in-cruiser laptop.

License plate camera grant secured by Sheriff's Office

ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems produces the MPH-900, a prevalent scanner model. Their website provides lease options, associated costs and even a page dedicated to grant assistance.

New license plate reader leads to quick felony arrest in Ontario

"On Wednesday, we caught guy by using the new equipment," he said. "It reads license plates as we're driving along. It hits on a wanted person or someone we put in the database we are looking for."

2010 IACP Highlights

License Plate Scanner Aimed to Snag Offenders

It's a system that works faster than ever before. The scans can detect stolen plates and stolen cars in your community. It's called a Mobile Plate Hunter 900 (MPH-900), and it's helping officers track down offenders from all 50 states.


The Town of Colonie Police Department is the first agency in New York State to enforce Leandra's Law, a felony for drunk driving with children in the vehicle, through the operation of the Mobile Plate Hunter.

Onondaga County police and agencies recognized for traffic safety

Police Officer Jeff Tripp patrols on Aug. 10, 2006, using Mobile Plate Hunter 900. That's a $20,000 machine that detects stolen cars or unregistered license plates with the two digital cameras on the top of the car. A computer is connected to the cameras. Tripp was honored this week for issuing 1,330 a tickets in a year.

West Virginia State Police Tout License Plate Scanners

The license plate reader being used is ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems’ “Mobile Plate Hunter-900” (MPH-900), and each device equips a police cruiser with three different cameras. One of the cameras is positioned to face away from the cruiser at a 90-degree angle, while a second is deployed at the front left corner of the vehicle (to scan oncoming traffic for front-facing license plates), and a third camera is positioned at the rear left (to scan vehicles after they have passed).

MPH-900 LPR Cameras give Lee deputies a leg up

The unit purchased the [ELSAG] license plate reader for $24,700 in August 2009 using this money, Sheehan said. It's been used in many areas of the county ever since.

Clearwater's new license plate reader helps catch car thief

According to Clearwater police, an officer on patrol in the Wal-Mart parking lot at 23106 U.S. Highway 19 N Thursday was using the new license plate reader when the system hit on a stolen license plate.

LPR Cited As A Factor For Decline in D.C. Homicide Rate

Second, she said the department has invested heavily in technology. For example, in recent years, police have expanded their network of neighborhood surveillance cameras, employed Shot Spotter technology that recognizes the sound of gunfire and alerts authorities, and just recently installed license-plate recognition sensors that scan the plates of passing cars and compares them to a national database of stolen vehicles.

License plate scanners lead to 89 arrests

"It has been described as a force multiplier, and we have found that to be true," he said. "It (the MPH-900 LPR System] allows us to do our job better and more efficiently. That is an advantage to the taxpayer. We are allowed to do more with less."

MPH-900 License plate readers help police and Border Patrol

The relatively simple technology consists of cameras, either mounted on police cars or at a stationary location, capable of capturing and processing more than 100,000 license plate images an hour. Plate numbers are automatically run against "hot list" databases of stolen, suspicious or crime-related vehicles, said Capt. Kevin Reardon of the Arlington, Va., Police Department.

Tarrytown Police Drive into the Future

The Mobile Plate Hunter system works in tandem with the plate-reader cameras. The system scans every license plate it passes, on both sides of the car and at varying angles. The reader will still register a clear picture, even if a car passes going 40 miles per hour. The images are digitally processed and immediately scanned against a constantly updated Department of Motor Vehicles database that alerts on things like stolen vehicles, suspended registrations, or stolen license plates. It can also hunt out full or partial plates of vehicles known to have been involved in criminal activity.

License plate reader alerts police to stolen occupied by wanted bank robber

Howard County police have arrested a man who was operating a stolen car and who was wanted for two armed bank robberies. The weekend arrest is thanks to a hit from a license plate reader.

ELSAG Passes Rigorous Certification Tests For UK Market MPH-900

"ELSAG is committed to offering its digital cameras to the UK law enforcement market," said Mark Windover, president and CEO of ELSAG. "As part of this continued commitment we are pleased to announce that we have submitted to and passed all of the tests with flying colours which will help us to also better serve our existing customer base."

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