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ELSAG North America is part of Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company.

Dear Partner Agencies and Law Enforcement community,

Welcome to ELSAG North America. As CEO of one of the world’s most innovative law enforcement technology companies, I’m excited to share our goals and outline our combined opportunities. As you’ll see when you explore our website, ELSAG has never been more committed to our mission of supporting the law enforcement community by providing the most advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology available. 
As the applications for ALPR technology span more missions and open new doors to safer, more efficient ways of policing, ELSAG is working more diligently than ever with agencies across the country to advance our technologies and meet a new wave of critical needs.  Our technologies have always read and processed license plates at rates far beyond what our competition can accomplish and we’re constantly exploring more cost effective mechanisms to monitor sensitive areas. Today, ELSAG technology also helps to facilitate faster more efficient commuting, more dependable ways to enforce toll collection, and more comprehensive technologies to share real-time information. Importantly, we remain sensitive to balancing the collection and analysis of intelligence data with a respect for the privacy rights of all.

We are grateful to our customers around the globe who alert us to their unique challenges and help us push ourselves, and our technology, to serve the ever-evolving needs of the law enforcement community. Our mobile and fixed ALPR systems are deployed in every U.S. state and have been highlighted as best available technology (BAT). Our custom solutions offer a variety of options and operational systems that agencies have become dependent upon. These might include the ability to identify unlicensed drivers and stolen vehicles, or solutions like those developed specifically to address Baltimore’s need to enforce proper use of fueling stations for municipal vehicles. Whatever challenges arise, our industry-leading ALPR systems combined with the ELSAG drive for innovation, will deliver.

We are honored to work alongside you, aiding your efforts to keep our communities and country safe. Our mission…is your mission.


Bill Nieuwkerk, CEO
ELSAG North America