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ELSAG North America is part of Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company.

The MPH-900 ALPR: A powerful combination of good police work and criminal intelligence.

Mobile Plate Hunter 900

Cameras, a processing unit and proprietary software, allow officers to capture images of license plates and instantaneously compare them with millions of Hot List records to identify vehicles of interest. This highly advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition technology system reads plates from all 50 States and most foreign countries including Arabic characters. It can also read other alpha-numeric identification systems—even from 1500 feet in the air.

The MPH-900 minimizes the guesswork and safety risks that challenge officers every day.

Benefits of A Network of Mobile & Fixed ALPR Systems

Many applications of automatic license plate recognition (ALPR or LPR) technology around the country are based solely on either the mobile version or on the fixed. But combining them to create a network of extra eyes can be a powerful way to help keep a community, city or sensitive area safe, leaving officers free to dedicate themselves to other critical commitments only they are trained to do. The MPH-900 ALPR system is very flexible and is ideal for temporary situations such as large sporting events or political demonstrations as well as permanent deployments around national ports, government complexes, known drug trafficking corridors and other vulnerable areas. Border patrol and homeland security efforts are stronger today because of the assistance of ELSAG’s advanced ALPR. Knowing who is coming and going at all times is possible with a network of fixed and mobile MPH-900 ALPR systems and that’s key when it comes to public safety and security.

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