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In October 2007, Remington ELSAG became ELSAG North America, wholly owned by

This is a list of all products manufactured and distributed by ELSAG North America. For more information, please call 866.9.MPH.900.

The MPH-900® Automatic License Plate Recognition technology(ALPR) is a solution for mobile automatic license plate reading. The ALPR system reads plates from a stationary location or at highway speeds and cross references them against an onboard hot list. The system alarms within a second of identifying a plate on the hot list and can process hundreds of plates per minute. An image and GPS coordinates of every plate scanned are stored and can be referenced later.

LPR productsCarSystem 6: Expect More From Your ALPR System
CarSystem 6 is the latest version of ELSAG’s in-vehicle user interface. This application monitors the activity of the ALPR cameras connected to the onboard PC. It gives the user a view of the license plates being read, alarms generated by those reads when compared against hot lists, and reports the status of the system. CarSystem 6 can also be installed on a fixed camera and reviewed remotely.

Features of CarSystem 6:
• More intuitive use interface
• Greater hot list flexibility
• Expanded mapping
• New Officer’s notes field for capturing real-time information
• New pending alarm view
• Enhanced reporting at the vehicle level
• New image zoom capabilities
• Easy hot list reference

LPR productsThe New MINI Camera Gives The MPH-900® More Flexibility
ELSAG's new Mini camera is now much smaller, adding more flexibility to the Mobile Plate Hunter-900®, the most accurate Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology available. The Mini is 40% smaller and 30% lighter than its predecessors and can fit in light bars on top of patrol cars or attach to the exterior of the vehicle by magnetic clips. The agile Mini ALPR camera retains the same commanding accuracy which has made the MPH-900® the preferred ALPR technology across the country. The Mini ALPR camera is easily and rapidly transferable to a variety of police vehicles and can be custom mounted to your specifications.

The ELSAG Operations Center™ Data Management System
The ELSAG Operations Center™ data management system provides Law Enforcement agencies with the flexibility to set parameters that are in line with agency policies regarding automatic license plate recognition data storage, access and use. The EOC will aid Law Enforcement with multi-level permissions, hot list flexibility, detailed mapping, data merging and extensive reporting, plus an audit trail that keeps track of who is accessing the data and what searches are conducted.

LPR camera

The FPH-900® License Plate Recognition technology is a solution for fixed location automatic license plate reading. The ALPR system’s compact, all-in-one “Intelligent Camera” integrates all the components required to enable coordinated license plate recognition from fixed installations. All of the essential components are integrated inside an IP65 case resembling a standard video-surveillance outdoor camera, including the sensor, a self contained, independent infrared light system and the processing unit. The unit also contains a color camera, which produces a wider angle, color context image for every license plate read (not live color video recording).

Tactical Operations Center

operations_chartELSAG Tactical Operations Center™ software shortens response times and increases officer safety by broadcasting MPH-900® ALPR systems alarms to Dispatch and fellow officers automatically and simultaneously. This saves time during the critical period from when an MPH-900® ALPR officer receives an alarm to when backup units respond. TOC-outfitted vehicles do not have to have the MPH-900® ALPR system installed in order to receive alarm information. Their TOC software works behind the scenes without officer involvement, coming to the forefront of the in-car computer once an alarm is received. As Dispatch is verifying the validity of the alarm, TOC-outfitted vehicles are already on their way to help.

The newly released Tactical Operations Center PLUS (TOC PLUS) offers the flexibility to filter the various alarm types so that officers receive only alarm types associated with their missions. Filtering alarm types also allows Dispatch to coordinate resources more effectively.

Saving time not only saves money; in many cases, it saves lives. The MPH-900® ALPR helps officers all over the world become more efficient, more effective and safer than ever before.


We offer simple pricing for replacement of damaged camera enclosures for the MPH-900® Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR), should damage occur to a camera that is not covered by service or warranty.


ELSAG offers simple pricing for supply of extra or replacement for damaged cables for the MPH-900® Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR), should damage occur that is not covered by service or warranty. Extra cable sets allow transportable mobile LPR systems to be used on multiple cars with minimal effort. Users move the processor and cameras, but connect to cable sets already installed in a number of vehicles. Note that this set is a power and Ethernet cable set only and does not include camera cables.


ELSAG offers simple pricing for supply of extra or replacement for damaged cables for the MPH-900® Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR), should damage occur to a cable that is not covered by service or warranty. Extra cable set replaces the processor-to-camera cables initially delivered. Available as a joined single harness or as independent split cables (1 per camera).