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ELSAG North America is part of Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company.

“It was DNA 10 years ago; LPR is the NEXT Revolution in Policing...” — Dr. Stanley Erickson, National Institute of Justice

“The system was used for a gang rivalry... We were able to successfully download the tags we captured and identify some of the folks in the gangs. It [The MPH-900] has helped out tremendously.” — Trooper Sean, TN Highway Patrol

“We were able to not only obtain from the LPR photo the License Plate number, but also unique identifying features on the front of the vehicle that enabled us to place the defendant's car at the scene of the crime.” — Dutchess County, NY District Attorney William Grady

“The MPH-900 definitely saves time...I would say it's at least doubled our arrest stats.” — Officer on Auto Theft Task Force, Metropolitan DC/Maryland Area

“The MPH-900 tag reader sees what I can't and I believe those girls are alive today because of it. ” — Retired Atlanta Officer, Steve Hedley

“Steven, I wanted to update you on our ALPR success story. We had an armed robbery Sunday night August 16, 2009 in the county. I had just ridden by the business probably one or two minutes before the call went out. I remembered some of the vehicles but not all. I, of course, responded to the scene. When I arrived, myself and other deputies cleared the building. I went back to my car to see what the ALPR may have captured. The system had captured a number of tags around the time of the robbery in very close proximity. We started checking registration on the tags and found one that was quite out of place. I turned over all the tag numbers to the investigator and went about my business. The next night I spotted one of the tags on the other side of town. I stopped the vehicle and talked to the driver who lied and denied being near the scene. When I told him about the ALPR (or E.T. as the cameras are affectionately known in the department) and that I had pictures of his vehicle near the scene, he admitted he had been there. He said he was on the way home from a restaurant that is nowhere near the robbery. He went on to say he knew about the robbery because his cousin was the clerk who got robbed, Hmm? Needless to say, investigators followed up on this and finally got a confession from this driver and the clerk, who are roommates, and had set-up the whole thing. So, I wanted to let you know the system, and one of its many capabilities scored a good lick in middle Georgia. I was impressed with what we accomplished in a short period of time on scene based on the captures. As the investigator told me tell your system thanks, it provided the lead. So, I say to you thanks.” — Sgt. Brad Wolfe, Bibb County S.O.

“George, Thanks for coming out and adjusting my cameras a few weeks ago. They are working great. This morning, an ATF friend of mine called to see if I was working US 220. When I told him I was, he gave me a tag to a rental car that DEA, ATF, US Marshall's, and Roanoke PD Organized Crime Unit wanted. They had scoured the city for hours trying to find this guy. I was very familiar with the guy. He is one of Roanoke's most dangerous drug dealers. The city, Feds, and State Police have been trying to put charges on he, his brother, and their drug crew. In the twelve years I have been aware of these guys, nothing sticks because the intimidate and shoot witnesses. These guys have bodies/homicides to their name that no one can prove. You can imagine Law Enforcement's excitement when the main player was indicted in Federal Court on Weapons and Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine charges. They began kicking doors at 0300. The main target got word and went into hiding. This large group of officers/troopers/agents looked for hours and couldn't find him. As usual, they never alerted the guys working the streets and highways, because they wanted to make the grab. My ATF buddy finally reached out to me and I entered the tag of the rental car in my software. They thought he might flee the city at some point. I knew he had contacts in Greensboro. I set up in the south bound lane on the right shoulder so I could monitor both southbound lanes. Within ten minutes, my laptop started beeping and there on my screen was a photo of my target vehicle. I followed him south until backup was close and made the stop. I was able to secure him without incident. His baby's mama was driving with him and four little kids. They were fleeing to Greensboro. If he had got past us, he would have escaped detection for a while if not forever. Needless to say the whole Roanoke Law Enforcement Community blew my phone up all day thanking me. Be safe Deputy John Hoover & K-9 Bary Franklin County Sheriff's Office Rocky Mount, VA 540-263-0198 They don't want warriors out here anymore, just warm bodies in cars to answer calls EDC 2007 ” —

“The MPH-900 tag reader sees what I can’t and I believe those girls are alive today because of it.” — Officer Steve Hedley